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If shooting in a studio one of several frequent demands is to produce a perfect white background or even a perfect black background. Though small variations can be solved using software such as photoshop this will frequently change the subject as well. Also fine detail including hair might be lost. It will always be best to try to light your own personal subjects as close as it can be to the final image and never rely on photoshop. You will on the other hand require a flash meter to achieve the settings right, otherwise it will have a large amount of trial and error.

White Backdrops.

For this situation you will not only a light-weight for the subject but also signals to illuminate the background. The backlight should be set up so that it comes with a diffuse light over the background that will be in shot. There are many ways of achieving this, easy and simple method I have found is to create some cheap flash models that having an optical firing system.

When you have build all the lights, turn off the actual studio flash which will be to the subject or model you will be shooting. Then fire the setting flashes and make a measure of the lighting. The find you get, say for example f32, will be to produce a neutral grey. To make this pure white you need to over expose by simply 2 or 3 stops, so modify the exposure accordingly (f11 for the above example).

Today turn off the backlights along with turn on the models light and adjust the light end result so that you get the correct degree of light for the chosen coverage.

Now turn on all the lighting and do some test photos. You will probably have to make some trivial adjustments to the exposure with regards to the actual photographic studio create you have. How confined the place, what color the walls are usually, how how the ceiling will be will all effect the volume of reflected light and consequently the particular exposure and light levels you may need. You will however be in the right ball park.

One recurrent problem to look out with regard to is the background having understated variations from white in order to light grey. By rethinking the backlight or backlights and perhaps adding additional equipment and lighting or diffusers this can be remedied. Don't fall into the repeated trap of trying to boosting the backlight massively and that means you have a 3 stop around exposure in the darkest part of the background and a greater over publicity say 4 or 5 stops nearby the light. This will create complications with lighting the subject, especially if you work in a confined space.

Black color Backgrounds

A black background for photography is actually in an easier way to achieve than a white background. There is one simple rule that will ensure that your blacks and check it out if you follow it. Make sure your background is at least 2 times the distance from the light source than the subject is. It really is that easy. If you have the space and there is minor reflected light you will also be capable of turn a charcoal dull background cloth into a plane black one by going the background further back.

By making use of these two tips you will find your photography is so much more pleasurable - when you finish any photoshoot you will find that your graphics are perfect without having to resort to changing levels or shape in photoshop. Above all try things out and enjoy your photography.

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