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As in the Days of Noah

    Leesa Sumner
    By Leesa Sumner
      • Leesa Sumner
        Leesa Sumner

        12/21/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

        Thus says The Lord: The words of scoffers come forth from a hard and troubled heart, from a place void of understanding. Their words are like chaff; their every lofty assertion dust carried away by the wind. As a ship tossed about by rough seas, so is the plight of the ungodly; in a dark sea of confusion, they attempt to sail against every wind of doctrine which opposes them... Yet all their toil is in vain, for I am The Only Word of Truth, I am God alone! And behold, all I have spoken is established and shall be; My Word yields to no man! Nor shall any enter My body save they accept Me as I truly am, walking in My ways and keeping My Commandments, even unto pure testimony in The Messiah’s name.
        For I tell you the truth, the coming of The Lord is a terror to all who say they know Me, yet do not really know Me, a terror to all who deny Me and to all who offend! Therefore let the feet of the desolate stumble, and the ways of the wicked return atop their own heads! - Judgment for the rebellious, punishment for the wicked, recompense upon all nations who offend; destruction of every form of idolatry, calamity for all who commit harlotry to pollute My holy name!

        Therefore, as it was in the days of My servant, Noah,
        So shall it be with My faithful servants of this day also;
        And as it was then, so shall it be in the Day of The Lord’s Anger...

        The door shall be shut!...

        And upon the earth shall I rain down judgment,
        And bring up horrible calamity from beneath;
        The storehouses shall be opened, and My wrath shall overflow!...

         Until I have covered the face of the whole earth in My vengeance,
        Until I have wiped away all that offends,
        Until I have utterly destroyed the kingdoms of men!...

        Says The Lord Most High, He who comes
        With justice and recompense for all nations!