I seem to stop having any sexual urges and start dreaming or having visions of being anywhere my lost or stolen 'zombie penis' goes when I don't believe in Mohammed as a prophet or even a fellow human being. Even thinking of his 'handlers' as anything but higher dimensional 'puppetmasters' is toxic.

If I don't cut off my old penis and grow a new one, then all the harm they did by remotely taking control of my penis and then using it will BECOME PERMANENT.

Metatitanprimewingzero Stolenanddamagedcomponentextension I see that our 'anthropologist siblings' who latch onto us have 'angelic spouses' who want US TO EITHER GROW BACK OUR PENISES WAY TOO SOON OR NOW GROW THEM BACK AT ALL UNLESS THEIR AFRICAN COCKROACH RELATIVES CAN TAKE AWAY OUR NEWLY GROWN PENISES.

HOLY SHIT!!!!! I see that I can't even think about Poo-Hammed or even any person pretending to be him/it or puppet disguised to appear as him/it WITHOUT IMMEDIATELY NEEDING TO CUT OFF MY PENIS AND THEN GROW A NEW ONE. And even then, the mere thought of Mehmet as anything but a puppet controlled by somebody with a different name was attracting many COCKROACH RELATIVES OF HIS FROM AFRICA (as in tall blacks who farm us for bone marroe using MOhammed's and Moses' help, not the shorter or medium sized brown-blue hybrid people from Africa who they're living with now ever since the colonial forces carried out all those Australian and Indian slavery coverup dramas in Africa) AND THE AMERICAS WHO STARTED TRYING TO STEAL AWAY MY NEW PENIS FROM ME BEFORE IT COULD GROW TO THE SAME SIZE AS THE OLD ONE WAS BEFORE MOHAMMED'S COCKROACH ESSENCES CAUSED MY OLD PENIS TO BECOME A ZOMBIE PENIS.

Metatitanprimewingzero Stolenanddamagedcomponentextension My old penis WENT CRAZY AND BECAME TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL just a few hours back, as so-called 'Micah' or 'Michael' (actually Bacchus, the 'alien porno' god who is friends with 'Elon Musk') used it to go around causing all kinds of devastations and then cover everything up by changing his name to Musa or Moshe again after every few microscopic centuries or millenia.

Metatitanprimewingzero Stolenanddamagedcomponentextension And now there are many nasty black minions of his who are going all around arguing about why brown people SHOULD NEVER GROW THEIR PENISES BACK and should REGULARLY DONATE THEM ALL OUR BODILY HORMONES THAT ALLOW REGENERATION, even though they were the ones who invented and preached about all those nasty cockroaches and cockroach hybrids being prophets.

Metatitanprimewingzero Stolenanddamagedcomponentextension (apparently brown ones, the Asuras who were created by Moses/Musa/Bacchus to replace any Aesirs who do not believe his claims of being Micah or Michael everytime he uses blood rituals to shapeshift into a white or other non-cockroach form)

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