Been unfriended many times, even by family members for my views.

Here's the dealio though, when I see an entire nation being cinched evermore closely to the shackles of its own despotism, I don't give a fuck about your stupid fucking feelings and what it is that might bother or offend you!

If my posts are 'too dark and scary' for you, then go and be at peace in your willful ignorance! Who knows maybe you can get yourself a blanky and watch some 'reality shows' while you're at it. Are people still concerned with 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', or is it some other assholes lives and plastic asses we need to be infatuated with now?

Your 'turning a blind-eye' and 'buried head in the sand' approach to life does not change the fact that we continue inching towards our own enslavement thanks to so many just like yourself who do not want to have to care enough to ever make themselves uncomfortable by occasionally educating themselves and 'oh my God, actually daring to get political'. Gasp!

"Dear God please not that! Please don't make me have to actually give a flying fuck about the state of my own children and their future and the kind of world they might live in. I just want to drink beer and watch football and have BBQ's on 4th of July so I can celebrate how 'free' I am as an American, and all those before me who fought for it. Thanks Colonials! You guys stood up against the king and his men and we're still free because of it! Hot-dogs right off the grill for all everybody! Yay!"

I saw that another person I know in my family unfriended me. But here's the thing peeps so listen up, I'm never going to stop saying the things I say for the sake of somebody else's comfort. Not yours, not anyone's! So if that's a problem then yes, maybe you need to get off my page!

People not caring enough and having this lazy apathetic attitude of "Meh, there's nothing we can do about it, so I'll just flop my ass on the couch and drink beer and watch football and let the politicians and news do my thinking for me" is why we're in this mess, and the criminals continue getting away with what they do in this country! It's why everything the Founders fought against, and also feared might come back to enslave us, has long been happening and continues to work against and chip away at Our Freedom! Freedom that was fought for and paid in blood!

So fuck your FOX, fuck your CNN, fuck your MSNBC, fuck your ABC and CBS, and every other lying mainstream media that's owned by only a handful of elite corporations, and filtered and controlled in order to steer your thinking and make you believe you're receiving some kind of truth! Fuck the fact that my 'language' bothers you! And if my posts are too much for you to have to occasionally get uncomfortable and actually think about the world you and your children are going to live in, FUCK YOU TOO! YOU'RE A PART OF THE PROBLEM!

Just keep watching and listening to your bullshit! I and many others will continue fighting (intellectually for now at least) for the sake of Our Freedom and the Freedom of your children!

Rant over, but entirely true nonetheless!

When I hear people say, "Well both Parties (left or right) have problems"

[An article that started out as a response to a friend in a conversation we were having on another page that I decided to add much more to and turn into a post.]

I am very privy to the fact that both parties have their problems. But it seems it's becoming ever more cliche to say "Well this isn't about party lines and both sides have their problems", almost like 'wow you must know something about politics if you're willing to say that'. But no, I'm afraid it's not that simple, and that it's more about 'psychologies' that have placed most of us into our respective 'thought camps' than merely parroting that both sides are capable of faults in their thinking.

Parties are one of the major problems. But the actual psychologies that bring us to them are the root of the problem. And 'the left', which seems to consist of a persona that is an ever-terrified, emotionally triggered psyche (seemingly eager and desperate to embrace its egos of 'persecution complexes' and have them validated before the world) is responsible for the begging and embracing of ever more statism than the political 'right'. At least for now. (Statism meaning simply the foolishness of looking to the state as the 'authority'; our protector, our provider, our savior. That, essentially, is 'statism')

I get that there are problems on the right, and probably more than most people. But I do not just end at "Well both sides have their issues" etc. Indeed both 'sides' do. But the left is doing far more to advance us all to the directions of statism and its potential tyrannies than the right. So I'm likely going to spend more time attacking that beast and animal when I see it. And oh how rife, teeming, copious, and replete the amount of examples they've given me the opportunity to! (Yeah there's four words for you to add to your vocab 'pard' :p ;) )

Conservatives tend to support wars. Without harboring any resentment nor hatred for our people in military I too think they are a sham for someone else's profit that need to be brought to an end. That is one major thing I can point out that I believe is wrong with the political right: its infatuation and obsession with war and very erreonously equating them to 'our Freedom'. They are not! Protecting one's lands from invasive forces is absolutely a fundamental 'staple' of our Freedom! But not going out and invading other countries. Especially when the motives for doing so are quite questionable!

However I would be willing to bet you money that if you took 100 conservatives and 100 'liberals', and repeated this process throughout another 100 colleges (whether major universities, state universities, and even smaller community colleges) that the differences in IQ tests between them would be quite noticeable and significant. And I believe this gap would only continue as the different age requirements were extended and set for the test.

This is because 'liberals' are a psychology very much like children. Especially when we're considering the masses that constitute this movement's main 'base'. You cannot talk reason with them without so many people from their movement falling down all over themselves, screaming and throwing tantrums like adolescents who just got told 'no' in the store.

They don't 'think' and are shortsighted in their political pursuits, wanting whatever looks like 'candy' off the shelf because they are not mature enough (intellectually) to understand that just because something sounds good, doesn't mean it is good. Like the ostensible 'good things' that will come from 'Socialism' and the 'equality' it espouses. Sounds great. Doesn't work like that though!

In fact even now I am more than happy to argue and back up my positions (in this instance as it pertains to Socialism) although again, do we really think that many are going to listen to us? Many likely won't because this mindset (that resembles children) are more concerned with adamantly gripping to what merely 'sounds good' and what they've already vested their emotions into than simple reasoning that so easily shows us how Socialism (or anything like it) only leads to far more problems and the miseries of inequality since it requires the implementations of a massive state which means that few decision makers now have far more power over our lives than what we have now.

The tenants of 'the left' (which have seemingly always been nothing more than 'Socialism') require only that however! A relinquishment and abandonment of one's own ability to think objectively, and this is why so many young, credulous, and naive continue to fall for it! "It sounds good so it must be good". Shortsighted thinking!

The left has its own psychology and is responsible for taking many positions, I will add quite foolishly! They have to have their own ignorance and stupidity called out for what it is in order to see how easily they're being manipulated and controlled by all the surface level sentiments that have been engineered to trigger them and get them react right on queue and according to plan!

Just Just like the 'IQ' tests above, asking some of these young Conservative students to provide reasons as to why they think they're right in their political positions, we'd likely hear a pretty fair to decent attempt (at least for many of them at a College level age) of them explaining things like 'the economy', and how it works, and why government interventions tend to spoil and ruin them. (Another position we can easily back up with one hundred years of examples in our American history alone)

The point is however that we'd likely find the Conservative students using their heads and actually 'thinking' by practicing that vital exercise of allowing themselves to think critically about real issues that affect us all as the People of a nation, while also considering the long-term effects of any proposed solutions and how practical they'd be at implementing.

However for 'the left', what we'd likely hear is endless one-liner dissents no longer than something that can be written on a piece of cardboard for all to see, on how things like 'racism', 'sexism', 'White Supremacy', 'Fascism' and 'inequality' are everywhere a crisis. But there wouldn't be any explanation of how these things are so, where they're actually taking place, and what it is we could actually do about it. (Save Socialism being the answer and what I believe to be the very traps set for them of course)

Instead as it is now we'd just be expected to blindly take them at their word. And of course if we were to disagree, then we are the very people responsible for these detestable things and thought-crimes named above. "I'm a victim of racism, sexism" (etc) "..shut up and agree with me or you're a White Supremacist from the hateful oppressive White male patriarchy!"

In short we'd hear nothing more than the countless cries of very childish egos being stoked, excited, and incensed by their 'persecution complexes' that resemble nothing more than children wanting to be heard and acknowledged as 'oh so terribly victimized and oppressed', and demanding some kind of sympathy (including compensation) for it. At least to the rest of the thinking world this is the only thing that actually 'resonates' with us when listening to the retentive mentalities, syndromes, and disorders of this movement! But I can very easily point to many places around the world where actual human misery, suffering, and severe political 'oppression' exist. So please take this outright nonsense and your mass-hysteria elsewhere!

For the main support and following of the left there is no real knowledge, only haranguing upon meaningless propaganda (racism, sexism, Fascism, 'White Supremacy' etc) to distract them! And this is why they hardly ever want to defend their positions but instead run away from arguments when challenged! Just like a kid stuffing their ears with their hands when you try and reason with them. But oh how they'll gladly swarm you on the streets whenever disagreeing with their protests because, numbers mean power to their 'mobs', and chanting and shouting you down as a 'racist' or 'sexist' on the street makes them right and you the bigot worthy of the thought-crimes they accuse you of!


If the political left today were not the children of propaganda, their movement would have far more people capable of making intelligent arguments instead of running out into the streets and claiming to be victims of what I call 'phantom political issues': 'racism' or 'sexism' etc. Things that have no beginning nor end, since any person or group at any time can claim to be a victim of them. And this is why I so often say, "... stabbing at the air and jousting with invisible enemies, -forever running around chasing the endless specters of ghosts, phantoms, and boogymen that have been puffed up into their imaginations".

The left continue to harangue on the few words they know how to say such as 'fascism' (while so often knowing nothing about the actual history of it) and accuse the government of being 'fascist', while simultaneously celebrating the notions of being disarmed by the supposedly 'fascist state'. So we can go ahead call it for what it is: The exceptionally shortsighted sentiments and moronic positions that are unique and reserved only for 'the tolerant left'.

And so while I've long been privy to the problems of these 'schools' and movements, (or better what I call 'psychological-political thought-camps) it's a bit weak and unmerited to merely parrot the sentiments over and over that "Well both sides have their problems". To be clear again, I agree! They do! But it's been 'the left' that is completely out of their minds and off their hinges in such massive mobs of hysteria. And they can only come out of their utter stupidity if we're willing to point out the problems in their thinking.

Then, we can then make it about things that transcend far beyond the mere banners and umbrellas of labels such as 'Liberals' vs 'Conservatives' to those issues pertaining to Our overall state of Human Freedom . But these first have to be shown what they've been blindly subscribing their minds over to in order for this transformation from ignorance to intelligence to happen.

Sooo Funny and Sooo true

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