This! This shit right here! Please, pass this on and let's get it back to this goofball! Maybe he'll actually come to my page and debate me! In the meantime, I just could no longer take, nor let this level of ignorance slide!

'Socialists' and Keynesian economists (although different but still both advocating government 'interventionalism') Some questions for you:

If $15 an hour can be provided across the board and have nothing but a positive effect on our society and economy, why not just make it $50 an hour, or even better, make it so that $100 an hour is the new standard? Is it because finding success within the economy is not that easy and doesn't quite work like that?

Okay then, so if we're already establishing that arbitrarily raising wages to these rates carry effects that are inherently detrimental within them, at what point does raising wages stop being beneficial, and start becoming a bad thing with negating effects? Does it happen at $18 and change? Does it happen at eighteen dollars and thirty-six cents? Is this when these wage-hikes start to become a bad thing for the economy?

If going in one direction upwards in wages is automatically a good thing for the moment (say up to $15 an hour) then at what point in dollars an hour does it become an undesired thing? Are we to believe that $15.01 is automatically a negative thing? So then where do we stop? When we reach $25 an hour? Why aren't we advocating that much then?

What we're showing is that the mechanical benefits to any market and economy can really only go one way. Either these major arbitrary leaps in wages are a good thing, or they are bad. And if they were that good then wouldn't we all already be making millions of dollars an hour by now, and living every single person, in our own palaces? But there's a reason we aren't because it simply doesn't work like that, and as shown in other arguments on this topic, simply raising the wages to anything actually carries negative impacts on the market which effect us as a society as a whole. Oh my God turns out that 'Socialism' and the tenants of Keynesian interventionalism aren't for the 'greater good after all like they promise!

Yes there's many many things that would be impacted through such actions, such as the costs of your burgers and happy meals going up, to expenses raised on those who transport them, to name just a few in the interest of time, but which when magnified against all the countless other things affected and going up in their costs (including your groceries) would render these entire policies of wage-hikes self-defeating and useless against the evils they set out to end.

But following this same logic, if things like schooling and healthcare can be provided 'freely' and 'for all', why stop there as well? Why not make it so that food, clothing, housing, automobiles etc, are all provided, liberated from any intrinsic and associated costs and values too?

Again we see the problem. If all these things could be 'free' (in the sense that they're 'freely provided for us') than we'd all be living in complete abundance by now. (In our palaces since we're all also making millions of dollars an hour I remind you)

In fact if education is going to be free, than what's the purpose of needing it in the first place? Isn't the idea of acquiring an education so that one can get a better career and afford themselves a better lifestyle? But if all things are going to be 'distributed equally', then why would we even want / need to be educated to begin with? Oh yeah, so we can do our part in this great big society that's going to magically provide for all.

So then another question arises: If some people refuse to provide for themselves now, and likewise some people of their own volition are not willing to provide for these who refuse to provide for themselves, how is it that all of a sudden all people are going to suddenly engage in the acts of freely providing for all people? If ten now do not want to provide for the ten down the street, nor have the energy to do so so that all twenty have met their needs, how is it that millions are going to provide for millions, or billions going to provide for billions. And at what number in the population do we find this 'spontaneous cooperation of all humanity working for all humanity' taking place?

If we're not 'cooperative' now, at what point does this transformation and leap in human nature take place that's going to suddenly compel us into wanting to be cooperative then? Does it happen when half the world's population are all on-board with the tenants and promises of Socialism? Again we get to a problem seeing how ten do not want to provide for the other ten. So, how in the world is this possible with millions in our own nation, and billions upon the planet?

'Socialism' and 'economic interventionalism', you sound so good and nice on paper. Everything you espouse is so benevolent. Except it completely falls apart in reality since it is impossible to enforce 'equality', AND, these require massive states to be administered. And if that is the case then there is no way that so few people acting in the name of the state while wielding so much political power can in any way be called 'equality' for we the little people!

In the end you're just a transfer of power to those sitting within the state. And we know this through the so many nations who've tried you before and that you've left bankrupted, starving, impoverished, and enslaved to them, while those who wrote constitutions in the name of these philosophies lived sumptuously in their palaces, fed, fat, and happy to rule and assert their wills over all!

Please see, Russia, China, Cuba, Romania, N.Korea for some very simple examples, among countless others!

A response on a page where I was arguing with a bunch of people:

Let me explain how it works:

People in power want more of it. Humans have always wanted to manage the resources of the Earth and lives of others so they can sit atop society and control all things to their own gain. If you do not believe this than erase every page of history that has ever shown us the endless conquests of another. It has always been about control through the consolidation of political power; control of the Earth's resources, and control of humans as resources.

People have long influenced and even steered this nation through our banking systems. Likewise they have taken control of our schools. A book called 'The Leipzig Connection' documents how late 1800 psychologists began to recognize that humans could be controlled like animals, and how foundations by elite families such as the Rockefellers would contribute large amounts of donations to see these practices furthered throughout the American schooling system.

I know that ultimately both sides of the political spectrum are manipulated and influenced. But all this shit about 'racism' and 'sexism' are nothing but propaganda used to distract so many of you, by leaving you to think you've properly identified the enemy.

Through this tactic they get us warring with one another. "All those White People hate you and want you to struggle". Actually though, the state's intervention into the economy are one of the greatest contributing factors to 'inequality' we have in this nation. But this blame of your everyday white neighbor takes eyes off of themselves however, and leads people into thinking they've go it all figured out and who is responsible.

But how do you get a nation of otherwise 'Free People' to relinquish their rights to the state? Puff up an imaginary crisis in their minds. In this case, the imaginary crises of 'racism' and 'sexism' etc. This will do several things:

1> Make your audiences think you're on their side >

By decrying 'racism' and 'sexism', it sells the signal into an unsuspecting audiences mind that "Wow, this person really cares about me and stands for me. Just look how they're really against all that racism and sexism".

And so when somebody like Hillary gets up there and runs her mouth about 'racism' and 'White Supremacy' etc, really all she's doing is precisely what any 'con-man' does by telling you the things they know you want to hear. And then you as their audience is left to subconsciously decide that "Wow, this person is really on my side and shares my same values". People who are street smart know how to do this, and it's how con-artists gain the 'confidence' of their targeted victims. I must stress however, that most of this acquisition of your trust happens on a subconscious level, again by telling you those things they know you want to hear!

Reasons 2 & 3 are 'reciprocal' and work together. > Distract and Divide:

People are never able to come to the truth of what is actually happening (a loss of all of our rights for an ever bigger state of the few) because they're busy thinking their neighbors are 'bigoted racists who hate them'.

It shuts off our intellects from being able to hear one another, which is why you shouldn't listen to me, because of course 'I too am a racist'. And you were 'primed' to think this before you ever even saw me on this page!

"Anybody who disagrees with what we want for you is a racist. Don't listen to anything they have to say". This emotional 'trigger' and 'thought-priming' tactic works well though, and it's another tactic of 'thought-influence' that I call 'Outsider Defamation Priming' or 'Group Defamation Priming'.

It's the same thing cults and their leaders use to 'prime' the minds of their audiences that "Anybody outside our movement and trying to convince you to leave it are the enemy, so do not listen to them". When we look at how this works in media and schooling, it's the same thing. "You'll have people try and persuade you and place a lot of emphasis on the importance of individual Freedom. Do not listen to them though, they are racists who are against progress and therefore your enemy". And one does not have to look too hard to see that this is precisely what's happening upon the minds of many.

Reason 4 > Sell the Con!

"Boy with all this 'racism' and 'sexism' that's keeping so many of you down, what are you going to do?" The answer of course has been conveniently sitting there the whole time. (Actually it's been intentionally placed there) "Ah, Socialism". Just relinquish a bunch of your rights and powers into the hands of the 'Democractic State', and we'll take care of you and this problem!

People think they've figured out what's going on in this country. All that's really happening is they've been conditioned to become excited over the ideas of losing their rights to the state!

This is why things like 'guns' are evermore being associated with 'racism', (something I call 'False Association Perception) because through this tactic it makes things pertaining to their own Freedom that much more detestable, and people that much more excited at the idea of being disarmed by the state. "Well only racist bigots are concerned with having their guns! It's a White Supremacy thing! So why would we need them?"

Many of you have no idea that what's actually happening is we're being set up for a society that resembles something like we see in the 'Hunger Games' series, where there is no free 'Middle Class' (which is a direction reflection of how free we actually are so long as it exists and is healthy and robust) and instead one elite ruling class lording its own will over all others!

The way they're selling you this of course is through the false tenants and promises of 'Socialism', which is just massive transfer of power to the state.

And the way they're making 'Socialism' sound so appealing is by puffing up these imaginary crises of supposed 'racism' and 'sexism', and leading so many of you to believe you're victims of it, so that you're left to conclude that only a stronger enforcer of 'equality' (through state sponsored Socialism) is going to fix the issues. This is why so many of you are unknowingly advocating 'statism'.

We're losing our rights at an alarming rate and so many of you are listening to the propaganda that's been puffed up in your heads, while running around exhausting yourselves and thinking you've identified the problem! 'Racism', 'sexism', 'White Supremacy'.

I'm not a blind Trump supporter either. But this incessant blind hatred I see for him while simultaneously loving anybody who stands up there and tells you all the things that merely sound good to the ear, is only evidence of the fact that so many are duped and led around by mass social engineering, dumbing-down, and the throes and throngs of propaganda!

I've said it for years that when the machines of the state trample over the lives and liberties of this people, they'll be adorned in all kinds of colorful tapestries and banners espousing 'tolerance' and 'benevolence' and 'humanitarianism' etc. Turns out others have also made similar statements over the years. But we'll see who's right in another few decades as our rights continue to remain under attack and people continue thinking they're actually 'resisting something', while openly welcoming and embracing the state's control over their lives, and a further loss of their rights and power over to it!

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