Did you know that 'toxic masculinity' is such a 'crisis', that we need sections (pink sections) on airplanes so that women can have their own 'safe spaces' from these highly threatening and oppressive creatures called 'Men?'

As I've said so many times, there's just no end to the absolute insanity and rampant hysteria when it comes to these never-ending complaints of supposed 'victimization' by these recent generations who've been conditioned and trained to think that anything they can conjure up in their minds concerning what 'offends' or 'threatens' them is some kind of a crisis, and should be treated as such! Always some new and terrifying thing will be brought up! But what makes it worse is how much blatant hypocrisy occurs within the schools of movements making these kind of claims and taking these kinds of stances and positions.

For instance, now these mindless SJWs (Social Justice Warriors for those who don't know) want 'Women Only' ('pink') sections on Airlines. Or at least that's what's being suggested. And apparently it's because of the newly discovered recent crises of 'toxic masculinity' floating around and that is now threatening and oppressing every female out there. (Every female of this type of mindset that is and of course there's far more of you ladies who are 'wide-awake' and likewise see through all this bullshit)

But I just crack up at the pure and absolute insanity though, because as we hear so often, especially when it comes to the 'persecuted left', only 'White Males' are capable of things like 'racism' and 'sexism' (their first ever-ready convenient go-to crises from which all their other buzz and trigger words derive) and likewise 'bigoted' and 'intolerant' for not 'accepting everybody however they choose to identify'.

Only White Males supposedly hate and oppress all others, yet we're constantly hearing these groups and movements make their endless slurs and taking their stances against these innocent and everyday ordinary people, meaning that their positions are inherently 'racist' and 'sexist' to begin with. And all these things while asking for evermore segregation to take place because they're so 'tolerant' and 'accepting' of course! Yeah we know!

But imagine the absolute hysteria that would occur if Airlines started catering to 'Men Only' sections on these Airplanes! Imagine the endless lawsuits (represented by many 'Anti-discrimination Firms' and' Leagues') that would take place the moment somebody claiming to 'identify as a man' or even just claiming to be the victim of discrimination because they are in fact a woman that would occur once such things were implemented. However—and here's where we once again witness the double-standards at work—it's okay if the other parties claiming to be a victims want this kind of special treatment and segregation to happen for their own sake!

But nonsense like this is why hardly anybody can take the 'very loud left' seriously anymore, because always there is some kind of 'crisis' of supposed victimization that justifies not only their incessant public tantrums and panic, but also their endless need and clamoring for their highly segregated 'safe-spaces', which of course only promotes more ignorance, cowardice, and worse, 'racism' and 'sexism' within our society, -the very things these types are so preoccupied and concerned with trying to convince the rest of us that they're steadfastly dedicated to ridding the world of today!

- "You are required to accept me however I choose to identify and whatever I choose to participate in, and you will cater to any and all my needs, or you can guarantee I'll find some lawyers and sue the shit out of you!"

While at the very same time it is also,

- "You had better accept the fact that I do not have to accept you! I want a special place to keep people like yourself away from me, and my reasons can be whatever I want them to be including what race and sex you are, or who you voted for. I demand that all of society; every business, every organization, and even every individual make special accommodations and provide for my needs, whatever they be! And no government or group of people have any right telling me what to do with my choices, which includes the right to not be forced to serve and cater to you in my own businesses or, or whatever organizations I choose to participate in!"

And so as I've been saying for years, this is all these mindless schools and movements are always engaged in their insane actions and pursuits of 'forever running around stabbing at the air and jousting with invisible enemies'; chasing the endless lists of 'ghosts', 'phantoms', ''specters, and 'boogeymen' that have been conjured up in their minds while needing to have their egos stroked, and have their persecution complexes validated before the world! And all these things while demanding that all 'make-way' and cater especially to them, while completely trampling and bulldozing over anybody else who claims to have those same Rights of choosing whom they will associate themselves with, or what they will participate in through those Rights of private and voluntary self-government and association!

I wonder though, are they going to try and form some political movement that threatens to sue these Airline companies for not bowing down and complying with their demands and creating these rows and sections of 'pink seats?'

"We are women, here us roar! P---- Power and stuff!"

"That's why we're so terrified and need our safe spaces! Because we're very threatened by you men and your oh so oppressive highly toxic masculinity". Seriously, is it possible for anyone to really miss the irony here?

But what happens when somebody who is obviously male says, "Oh, well I identify as a woman" and likewise threatens to sue them should they refuse to cater to him? (Or 'her' I mean) Where do these 'lawsuits' end and what happens when such things begin affecting these companies to the point of harming their business?

For the ever-victimized, always persecuted, and 'new and improved highly traumatized left' the solution is quite simple however, and seems to go something like this: as long as you're not one of those oppressive 'Straight White Males', all these highly loving and 'exceptionally tolerant people' are very likely to align themselves with one another, forever ready and willing accept anybody and everybody who wants to join in and participate with whatever it is they are doing. But again we need to be clear, these principles of 'acceptance' apply only as long as you're not a Straight Male who stands in disagreement with them, and especially one that is White! Because, "We're so against racism and sexism and intolerance and bigotry and hatred and stuff", and "We're the champions of tolerance and accepting everybody!"

Again I say, this is why hardly anybody from the rest of the thinking world can take the left seriously anymore! Because their insanity never ends and always we are able witness their double-standards and highly blatant hypocrisy!

Indeed, those crying the loudest and claiming to be victims of things like 'racism' and 'sexism' are the ones doing more to keep such things alive in our world and societies!


(Something I wrote October 31, 2017 on facebook)
Why does the 'bully' continue to steal the other kid's lunch money day after day? Because unfortunately, human nature is to take when we feel nothing is there to challenge us! That's just the facts of our humanity! And the greater the temptation there is to gain something, and the less someone feels there might be some force there to oppose them, the worse the outcome! (Political tyranny transcends far beyond the terrors a child might face in dealing with a school-yard bully)

This meme is so incredibly simple! Yet people are so ignorant and brainwashed as to what Freedom means and why it is so important! Instead, they have been conditioned to look to the political state as their protector, their provider, their friend, not knowing that people in political power are what have always remained the greatest threat to humanity throughout our existence. Especially when they are left unchecked by an unarmed populace!

Guns and the ability of Free People to arm themselves is not about 'hunting', it is about protecting our lives from not only the criminals we might encounter on the streets or find breaking into our homes, it is about that human right and ability to protect our lives from the greatest forms of criminals history has warned us of: man's governments, and so often their own!

Stop being a moron and start thinking for the sake of your own Freedom! The state is not your 'buddy' who's going to 'have your back' when it comes to your Rights and Freedom no matter how much they continue selling you in their con-game that their main concern is looking out for you. People in power will always end up serving themselves! And they will always want more, and be willing to do more against your own liberties in order to acquire and retain it. Especially as their positions that have allowed them to partake in corruption become threatened by those who would oppose them; those they seek to control!

'Gun control' is nothing more than control so that a few might assert their wills over the many!

Hehe, Made this one for chooz guyzez. :p

I'm so tired of listening to all the double standards and blatant hypocrisy! It was okay for Obama to take stances on illegal immigration. But when somebody who is not an 'oh so tolerant liberal' does it (pseudo-liberal, as they're nothing 'Free' about them and they just like the name) that person is the devil.

As well, tear gasses had been used many times to secure the border during Obama's Presidency. But see, that doesn't fit the left's narration that 'oh my God Trump is Hitler' and give them more ammunition to support their positions, so you don't hear about that and their followers do not care even when you show them the facts! Only when that evil Trump does it. Cause he's so mean and hateful and intolerant and stuff.

My question though, which is it? Was America never great but instead the land of oppression? Or is there a reason people still want to come here?

This constant 'double-think' is completely asinine and beyond ridiculous!

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